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Home Grown Queen

This is one of the queens we raised using the Nicot System.

Hives & Stands

These are some of our cedar hives on 4 x 4 stands located in one of our 8 apiaries.

Honey Bee

A Honey Bee at work.

working with bees

Performing Hive Inspections


Some of our honey

Mi Armada Apiaries

Mi Armada Apiaries started as a hobby with two goals. Our first objective was to help me with my asthma, by lessening the severity of my pollen allergies. Our second goal was to give my husband something to do.

Our Products

Our main product is Pure Raw Honey. We have honey available to our customers at several stores in the area. We also attend several markets and festival. We raise our own queens and honey bees and offer a few NUCs and queen to our customers. We also make our own hive equipment and sell from hive components to complete hive sets.


We provide several services to our community. We do presentation on Beekeeping to groups who are interested in learning more about honey bees. We assist other beekeepers by providing assistance with hive inspections, advice, and/or classes. We also remove honey bee swarms and colonies.
Mi Armada Apiaries is a husband and wife operation. My wife and I work together to ensure we produce quality products for our customers. The honey that we extract, bottle, and provide to our customers is from our hives and bees. Our apiaries are located in the Troy & Elsberry Missouri areas. We define local honey as honey produced by bees that forage in an area within 25 miles of where you live. So if you live in the Troy or Elsberry Missouri area and are look for quality pure raw honey, we would appreciate it if you would consider allowing Mi Armada Apiaries to be your honey supplier. If you are outside that area, we would still like for you to try our honey. We believe our honey bees produce some of the best honey in the state.
Mi Armada Apiaries - 30 Walker Ridge Drive - Troy, MO 63379 - 636-528-1535